Needs More Fire 3 Contributors

Roach Award

Carl Bisenius

Carl Bisenius opened up a box of crackers, reached into the bag, and pulled out a cockroach eating an afternoon snack.

Shrub Award

Nick Hoobin

Nick Hoobin purchased a bag of birdseed, but when he went to feed the hungry creatures he found a large shrub inside. That’s probably why it was so heavy.

Snow Award

Nick LaPole

Nick LaPole needed a bag of rock salt to prepare for an impending blizzard. When the snowstorm struck and the salt was spread, it really didn’t do much.

Space Award

Kate McDonough

Kate McDonough found a trash bag while taking a walk. Expecting junk, she was pleasantly surprised when it contained an entire library of books on space exploration.

Print Is Dead Award

Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller received a magazine in the mail that was wrapped in plastic. Excited, she opened it up, expecting additional goodies, but found nothing that would warrant the extra packaging.

Ice Cream Award

Mujo Ramic

Mujo Ramic intended to steam a bag of frozen vegetables. When he went to the freezer he found out that it was no longer working and that all of his ice cream had melted. What a terrible day.

Cat Award

Stephanie Wharton

Stephanie Wharton bought a bag of kitty litter, but when her cats refused to use it she realized that it was actually dog food. She remarked that someone will probably lose their job over the mix up.


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