Needs More Fire 2 Contributors

Carl Bisenius

Carl Bisenius was unaware of the looming terror outside his window. A sudden CRACK drew him away from the comfort of his couch. With his eyes still distracted by technology, the sliding glass door broke free of its track, shattering as he collapsed into the night. Blood and glass intertwined as he was swallowed by the dark abyss, the victim of an unspeakable horror.

Nick Hoobin

Nick Hoobin served as the book obsessed researcher friend of the central monster slayer. He dabbled in magic and the occult while helping the main character investigate the always looming, world ending threats. Was melted by an eldritch abomination when the producer wanted to add drama by killing off well received characters.

Nick LaPole

Nick LaPole was lost within the halls of an ancient ruin, where the tile floors were musty with dust and lathered with rotten produce. Bitter creatures roamed those hollow halls, supposedly. Gargantuan, green, not-yet-ripe-but-oh-boy-they’d-be-eventually. Starchy bunches of bananas, they said. Nick was tasked to go there, as he had before, and was poked and prodded to go deeper, to find those creatures and coax them out of hiding. No one considered the danger until weeks later, but it was too late by then. His body was never recovered.

Soon your soul will be ours!

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