The Observatory

By Nick LaPole


The Observatory comic 1 by Nick LaPole
The Observatory comic 2 by Nick LaPole
The Observatory comic 3 by Nick LaPole

Page 2

Panel 1

Where now?! Where to?!
What is this?!
I… I… don’t know!

Panel 2

Another room, another monster, but no… no…

Panel 3

…No exit?!
Hold on!

Panel 4

How much further can we go?!
We can’t stop! Just keep it up, come on!

Page 3

Panel 1


Panel 2

Hey! Come back!

Panel 7

Is this it? Trapped here, roaming around with these monster close behind? What good was the fire? What can we do?
There is no exit. The others… They enabled us to get this far. It might not be a way out, but it could be a glimpse at something beyond, something outside of this old, horrific place…

Panel 8


Panel 9

Let’s see what’s out there.


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