The Master Suites

By Nick LaPole


The Master Suites comic 1 by Nick LaPole
The Master Suites comic 2 by Nick LaPole

Page 1

The Master Suites

Page 2

Panel 1

This is a terrible idea
What? The place seems empty, and the rooms look pretty clean!
Do I need to draw out the “wrong” here?
Please don’t…
Just give us a moment, you two!

Panel 2

Damn, this is just akward…
They’ll be out soon, I’m sure of it!

Panel 3

You’re right. Maybe once we’re all out of here, you and I could…?
I’d like that!

Panel 4


Panel 5

What’s the racket?!

Panel 6

It came from their room!

Page 3

Panel 2

Oh god help!!!

Panel 3

Get away from them!–
–You fuck!

Panel 4

Get him!!!


This Comic is even more awesome in print.

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