The Five

By Nick Hoobin


The Five lettering by Nick Hoobin

The Five. wild. Eldest son sleeps around The Whore (M) 1st to die womanizer cold death: ghostly bullets virgin witness ptsd WW1=son died American flag downward spiral. Here lies. Eyes. Needs More Fire. Old tome. Fool sets fire to the mansion. Burn! The group splits up. Reversed gender roles. A bit… creepy. Wait! Run run run! Why us? Something’s not right. This feels wrong. Madness. The Scholar (F) 2nd to die recluse book smart middle daughter doctor independent death: disease discoloration of spots virgin witnesses artist alone in the library medical kit. Father & mother fade, wither, and scream. Why did you leave me? Shivers. That’s a nice painting. Different story. The Fool (F) survives leader happy.

Please stay together. Ghostly! Family. Thanks. Small talk isn’t my thing. Fool & Jock escape. We haven’t lost yet. Same setting. History. Diary. Typical. Unexplained occurrences. The Jock (f) survives ego=big friend of fool stubborn. No one can leave. The Virgin (M) dies last sensitive easily scared innocent man up withdrawn youngest son death: suicide entryway manhood father’s influence emotion loss haunting are you man enough? Not safe. Burning family photo. ???? You’re a what? Boo Ahhh! Confrontation of mother the fool solves the mystery realization jock helped too don’t give up. We can’t win. Haunted mansion. Pain. Anger. Loss. Reenacting traumatic events.


This Lettering is even more awesome in print.

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