Monster Binoculars

By Carl Bisenius

Poem and Illustration

Monster Binoculars illustration by Carl Bisenius

To a trestle bridge came a lovely three
Was a swarmy trio named LFOD

Underwater, a monster, but how could they know?
Waffles the squid was who lurked below
The creature did have a terrible flaw
One that made him nearsighted, not far

Without monster binoculars, he could not see
Walking above him was his daily feed
The trio then scurried and hid,
They wouldn’t dare get caught by the squid

And as the creature put on his eyes
He could see his fabulous prize
“Wait don’t do it,” shouted LP
“We all have glasses, can’t you see?”
The squid was perplexed and couldn’t believe
“Hey man, you’re right you’re just like me!”
And he ate them anyway


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