By Nick Hoobin

Flash Fiction and Illustration

Lamprey illustration by Nick Hoobin

I am Lamprey, The Living Lamp. I may not be as feared as Bigfoot or The Mothman, but I am a ferocious light source with an insatiable appetite for children. Loony, The Soul-Stealing Balloon from the carnival over yonder has nothing on me. Parents willingly hand her over to the young victims she eventually whisks away, while I have to work for my food. Down this hill lies a group of children who are laughing and hanging out. None have the slightest clue that I, Lamprey, will soon eat their lights out. Man, I need a new catch phrase. Regardless, those kids look so delicious situated against that conveniently ominous water tower. Wait, I recognize that structure. Crap, that means The Mansion is close by! I’m not messing with that. Those kids are doomed. Way above my pay grade, it’s lights out for me!


This Flash Fiction and Illustration is even more awesome in print.

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