Hot Diggity Dang

By Carl Bisenius

Infographic and Pattern

Hot Diggity Dang pattern by Carl Bisenius
Hot Diggity Dang infographic by Carl Bisenius

Hot Dogs: Uncovering the Truth


Hot Dog Ingredients

8% Beef
15% Pork
22% Butthole
10% Balls
10% Human Flesh
16% Fingernails
19% Shit

Fun Facts

  • Americans eat 9 billion more hot dogs than they should every year.
  • Despite popular belief, brats aren’t much better for you than hot dogs. They’re equally shitty.
  • Hot dogs in New York are bad and hot dogs in Chicago are also bad. Hot dogs are really bad.
  • Eating dog shit is better for your cardiovascular system than eating one hot dog.
  • Even though there are 10 hot dogs in a pack, bread manufacturers only put 8 buns in a pace because F.U.

Hot Dog Nutritional Content

5% Fat
15% Sodium
20% Sugar
20% Cholesterol 40% Protein


This Infographic and Pattern is even more awesome in print.

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