Needs More Fire 1 Contributors

Carl Bisenius

Carl is a colorblind South African American who spends his days designing, illustrating, playing video games, and driving in circles. He also has a crazy dog named Maxx.

Nick Hoobin

Nick looks for interesting ways to combine his background in web development with his interest in design and illustration. When he’s not yelling at others to get their pieces done he is yelling at others to follow coding standards.

Nick LaPole

Nick is an artist who enjoys pairing traditional tools with unique formats and interesting imagery. Graphite, zines, narrative, and existential discussion are a few of his favorite things.

Brandon Gable

Brandon is a designer who is able to plug in power cords without unplugging the rest of the computers. He enjoys watching movies, playing video games, designing and playing with typography. He considers himself a typophile.


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