What the Monk!

By Brandon Gable

Short Story and Illustration

A long time ago there was an old monk. He was a lonely man from years of service to the creed for which he solemnly vowed to uphold.

He was weary from his many travels. As he was traveling home he gazed his eyes upon a lonely tree. It was getting dark, and shelter was scarce, so he gathered his supplies and ran toward the tree.

He laid his weary body on the soft ground, using the tree as a pillow. The scattered dots that covered the night sky poked through the branches. They started to fade as he slowly fell into a deep sleep.

“CRACK!!” He awoke to shadows surrounding his presence. A fear of the dark was something monks never experienced, yet now he had never felt so alone.

The shadows quickly moved toward the monk. As he rolled closer to his supplies, darkness surrounded his gaze. He searched frantically with his hands for his staff as the shadows drew near. His pulse increased and his body shook. There was a tremor, the shadows screeched, shaking the tree that protected the monk. The monk lost his hearing as a high pitched ring echoed through his skull. As the tremor continued to shake the monk his body started to glow.

He looked down and saw the glow quickly moving from his belly toward his shaking limbs. The glow was warm, giving the monk courage. His hands shone bright as stars, then suddenly they flashed, giving off a white flame.

The shadows reacted to the flame and surrounded him until he was a small sphere of light. The monk felt the cold darkness as it pushed ever so close. His heart started beating, his stomach radiated light, and his hands made flames that were bright and vast. The warmth pushed back at the cold shadow and broke through the darkness, shining up to the stars above.

The darkness shrieked in fear and anger, for the light from within the monk was greater and more powerful. Light consumed shadow until darkness was no more than a breath of air.

The glow inside the monk, and the flame he possessed, slowly diminished. The monk slowly rose up and gathered his possessions. As he was walking away from the tree, a breeze of wind quickly moved along his neck, bringing a chilling and dark feeling, but only for a moment. He continued walking until the path was no more…

What the Monk! illustration by Brandon Gable

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