Listen / Command

By Nick Hoobin

Flash Fiction and Illustration

Listen / Command illustration by Nick Hoobin


Listen, O Spirit, of a world that requires your guidance. Forgive these people for their destructive drive, their need for instant gratification, their predisposition for monotony. Save the society where an original thought is met with immense rejection only to be forgotten in the changing tide of trends. Inspire these lonely, depressed people. Be the spark, the beacon that lights the true path.


I command you, O Fire, to reveal your full self. Mundane lives need disruption; only the feeling of a great anxiety will be noticed. Bring me enough power to lead the people to freedom. Fire, share your endless knowledge and wisdom, fill my soul with your burning energy. Fire, show me the true path, show me how to save those who don’t recognize their own suffering. O Fire, give me your cleansing flame.


This Flash Fiction and Illustration is even more awesome in print.

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