By Little Feet On Ducks

The epiphany occurred on the interstate. Two friends, out on the road doing visual research, were late for class. Being late wasn’t quite a pressing issue as another problem was on their minds. The two were lamenting the fact they couldn’t find design and illustration focused independent publications and magazines in their area. Hell, they struggled to find, let alone discover, such a thing made in the USA. Made in America zines existed, the friends knew, but they were hardly advertised. Given the expansive design communities and subcultures that thrived, the scarcity was a bit… depressing. Perhaps the abundant UK and NZ indie pubs were the loudest and easiest to find. Regardless, the two had a hunger for the creative freedom that small, independent publications provided. A serious idea came forward after the typical bouts of complaints. Eventually as the college campus came into view and the monotony of curriculum started to sink in, the question was asked. “Why don’t we create our own?”

In less than a month two friends became four and the simple idea became concrete. LFOD was formed and given life as an Official Business. While other projects were on their minds, be it a game or a large scale illustrative endeavour, the original question raised during the road trip remained constant. Eventually the oppressive weight of the as yet created concept pushed the group to turn idea into reality on their own time. They selected a theme. From that theme came stories and illustrations; color palettes, paper stocks, grids, and type systems were chosen to house them. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months until finally, by the end of 2013, Needs More Fire was born. Unique in size and bound by hand, Needs More Fire marked a major milestone for LFOD. The publication was large in scope yet every piece was lovingly crafted. A few bumps and several experimental decisions led to a book that showcased the group’s hard work in a tactile, finished form. It marked a year of progress, as a series of awards and a gallery showing followed. It served as a jumping off point for brand new ventures and projects. After the initial sense of accomplishment wore off Needs More Fire was left to rest.

After some time apart, here we are, back at it again with Needs More Fire. We learned a few new things and are finally ready to bring NMF back into the forefront. Harnessing the power and cost effectiveness of the Internet and on demand printing, LFOD brings you, dear reader, a new way to enjoy our first issue of Needs More Fire. This issue is themed around Creativity Gone Wrong. It demonstrates how the spirit of pure creative fire, when summoned by mere mortals, could potentially lead to their destruction. As a series Needs More Fire is hardly complete; in fact this is only the beginning.

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